Article on Women Empowerment & Gender Equality

woman empowerment

The “woman” is the most beautiful and wonderful creature of God. She is the epitome of beauty, strength, and love. No one else in this whole universe can take their place. Women and Empowerment both are very powerful words individually. Empowerment refers to the process of becoming stronger and more confident while the woman is a warrior, an all-rounder. When a woman is empowered (become powerful), then they have the courage to change the history of the world.

Indeed! this is true that woman can perform all those tasks that men can perform even they can do a lot more than men but men can’t do what women can do.

Though we are living in the 21st century still women’s empowerment is neglected in our country. Women empowerment refers to the complete freedom from socio-economic manacles of dependency and deprivations. Women empowerment encloses a much larger group of principles that requires everyone’s attention

Empower women and promote gender equality for a better future of our nation

We all want to make our country more advanced like other countries. We all want bullet trains in our country but when it comes to empowering women then no one wants to pay any interest to this topic. In some parts of our country especially in rural areas, women are tortured like hell. The whole newspaper is filled with this, most of the headlines in the newspaper are either about women getting killed because of dowry, female foeticide, rape, or domestic violence. This violence and torture on women that is happening daily in our country put a big question mark on these two words.

If we talk about our country (India) or any other country gender equality is always neglected. It has always been the custom of our country and many other countries that men will always dominate the family. And women are always meant or treated as for household works. Torture and mental harassment of women starts from here only. Though we are living in an advanced and modern society, most of the people still keep such types of dirty thinking.

This type of mentality is basically developed because of the wrong parenting.

I believe that whatever we all are today we have either learned them from our elders or our friends. Now the time has come that we should change our old considerations and thinking. We should support women in becoming independent and powerful. Someone great said that ‘Behind every successful man there is a woman who supports him in all his ups and down’ now the time has come we should support women and make them successful and powerful

As today we are seeing our government is also aware & taking proper steps to change the old scenario of our country many legal provisions and laws are made to make women financially independent and for the promotion of gender equality. True development and growth can only be achieved by successfully eliminating the deep-rooted ideologies of gender bias and discrimination

image on Women Empowerment & Gender Equality

Women’s empowerment in our country is only possible by the establishment of gender equality in society and in people’s thinking. Gender equality implies that both men and women can enjoy equal rights in all the spheres of life

Women empowerment is one of the prime goals in eight-millennium development goals. One of the reasons why our country is still a developing country is the lack of equality in our country. Women are not provided with proper education to become an independent person. If both men and women are given proper education then there will be a large number of human resources that will help in the development of our country. And when the human resource will increase then there will be more number of wonderful ideas in each and every mind. It may indirectly help us in uplifting each & every sector effectively in our country. So, in this way, we can easily transform our country from a developing country to a developed country.

At last, I only want to say that please stop torturing women and promote equality for a better and healthy future. There are many wonderful things in this world instead of torturing women you should cherish the beauty of nature and respect women & save the girl child for a better future.



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