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Dr. Radhakrishnan was a great scholar and teacher who dedicated his birthday to all the teachers and entire teaching professions. This is a special occasion for everyone most importantly for a teacher and a student. It is celebrated by the student every year on 5th September to pay tribute and respect to their teachers. This day is declared as a teacher’s day in India by the former president of India (Dr. Radhakrishnan).

Keeping this in mind the teacher’s work for the betterment of students and we celebrate teachers day to honor them for this special contribution towards education. Every year on 5th September teachers day is celebrated. It is the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (former president of India)

A teacher is a friend and a guide for every student. After our parents’ teachers are the ones who impart good values in us. Teachers play a major role in making a student a responsible citizen.

teachers day images with quotes Dr. Radhakrishnan birthday

Dr. Radhakrishnan was born on 5th Sept 1888. He was a great teacher and philosopher by profession, after that he became the second president of India. He used to be very friendly with students when he was a teacher. When he became the president of India his student wanted to celebrate his birthday to which he said that it would be his privilege if this day is celebrated as teacher’s day. Since then every year on 5th September teacher’s day is celebrated all over the country(India).

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A teacher not only gives us subjective knowledge but also teaches many important life lessons like discipline, hard work, and many other things. They add all their efforts to make their students a successful person.

It is the Responsibility Of the Society in Acknowledging & Appreciating the Service of Teachers

For the teachers, various functions are conducted in schools. It is known that a student spends more than a thousand hours with their teachers that are more than enough time to build a good relationship that can ignite a student’s lifetime love for learning and education.

According to the analysis, it has been known that the relationship between a teacher and a student is very important to how well a student can learn.

Article on teachers day - Dr. Radhakrishnan birthday

Indeed it very true that teaching is the only profession that creates many other professions.

You must have heard a story of Eklavya, the very skilled and self-taught archer from Mahabharat. Who willingly cut off his right thumb as Guru Dakshina for Guru Dronacharya. To showcase how important is to respect our teachers this inspiring story is often narrated. Eklavya learns archery by watching guru Drona teaching archery to Arjun and other students. But Eklavya self-taught himself and learned archery. Whenever he used to practice archery he used to do in front of the guru Drona statue that he himself made.

Indeed this is very true that, if we want to learn or gain any knowledge we can learn from anything. Most importantly indulge yourself more in self preaching and soar. A well taught and highly skilled Arjun with good resources will always fail from self-taught Eklavya.

happy teachers day images - Best teachers day images with quotes - Article on teachers day( Dr. Radhakrishnan birthday)

Teachers are the ones who build a good nation and make the world a better planet to live on. The teaching profession is the noblest work in the world and It is a more important day to celebrate the teacher’s importance in society. We should respect & honor our teacher because we are incomplete in this world without a teacher in other words a teacher not only teaches us but they also improve our personality, confidence, and skill level. After our parent’s teachers are the ones who can guide us in the best way. So remember, we must always respect our teachers mentors.




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